A Green, Sustainable Workplace

This short course, aimed at employees across a broad range of workplaces, provides the learner with practical advice on how to go beyond compliance with environmental law and reduce the negative impact of work activities on the environment. The course outlines the benefits to the organisation of environmentally friendly work practices, and looks at how to engage staff in green issues.

Learning outcomes:

  • The learner will understand the legal and ethical obligations upon an organisation to  manage the impact of their work activities on the environment
  • The learner will understand the impact of waste on the environment
  • The learner will learn about the impact of legislation 
  • The learner will become aware of the specialist advice, guidance and support available to reduce negative impacts on the environment

Advantages of this course:

Every organisation, no matter what industry or specific nature of their work activities, has a legal and ethical obligation to manage the impact of those activities on the environment. A manager can take direct action to influence this impact, and advocate for environmental sustainability from within. Compliance with the law is the minimum requirement, but an innovative and ethical organisation will take extra measures to reduce their impact and in many cases find new, more efficient ways or working. This can lead to an increase in positive public perception, reputation and profitability as a result. 

This course draws together teaching and legislation on developing a sustainable workplace. It also brings together a list of sources of specialist advice on environmentally friendly practices. 

Training is given through a filmed tutorial, references to websites for reading and good practice video. There is suggested extra reading to give both practical information and links to websites to expand knowledge.

An additional activity encourages the learner to reflect on the learning.



Our CPD short courses are written by occupationally competent professionals and each lesson combines filmed tutorials, reading activities, quizzes and good practice examples for an engaging learning experience.


Many of our courses are endorsed learning programmes (ELPs) by awarding body, CACHE


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