An Introduction to Conflict Management

This short course is aimed at individuals in a position of responsibility who will need to identify, manage and resolve conflict in teams as part of their role. The course explores several methods of conflict management, and gives guidance on how to approach potential conflict issues.

Learning outcomes:

  • The learner will understand how conflict can occur
  • The learner will understand the impact of conflict
  • The learner will learn about the different methods of dealing with conflict
  • The learner will learn about the personal skills required to reduce the potential for workplace conflict

Advantages of this course:

Managing conflict in the workplace can be difficult at any level, but particularly hard when you are new to a management role; even more so when you are newly promoted from within a team. 


Our CPD short courses are written by occupationally competent professionals and each lesson combines filmed tutorials, reading activities, quizzes and good practice examples for an engaging learning experience.


Many of our courses are endorsed learning programmes (ELPs) by awarding body, CACHE.


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