An Introduction to Team Leading

This short course, aimed at team leaders, will consider the role, responsibility, and skills required of an effective team leader. Learners will gain an understand of team development and consider how their values and beliefs could affect their actions. Finally, learners will gain an insight into how to quality assure the performance of a team.

Learning outcomes:

  • The learner will understand the benefits of an effective team
  • The learner will understand the need for clarity on job roles, deadlines and targets within a team
  • The learner will learn that it is important to understand the tasks they assign in order to quality assure the performance of the team and the tasks completed
  • The learner will learn about that good communication is vital

Advantages of this course:

The purpose of working in a team is to utilise the strengths of individuals and become more efficient and effective. It will also produce a more flexible workforce as there are several people whose skills and ideas can be called upon when needed. Ideas and solutions can be shared and discussed, and trust is built up amongst the team. 

This course looks at the qualities, skills and knowledge that are important to a team leader. It covers the need for good communication and mutual respect, the need to understand the people you have working for you and the tasks you are giving them. 

Training is given through a filmed tutorial, references to websites for reading and good practice video. There is suggested extra reading to give both practical information and links to websites to expand knowledge. 

An additional activity encourages the learner to reflect on the learning. 


Our CPD short courses are written by occupationally competent professionals and each lesson combines filmed tutorials, reading activities, quizzes and good practice examples for an engaging learning experience.


Many of our courses are endorsed learning programmes (ELPs) by awarding body, CACHE


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