KEEP Key Elements of Effective Practice

Learners will explore how this document was written and the research that underpins it. They will identify and define the main points of the document and how it relates to the EYFS Statutory Framework. Learners will then look at how the KEEP document might relate to their practice and how practitioners working in a range of settings.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learners will learn about the 6 Key Elements of Effective Practice
  • Learners will learn the importance of reflecting on their practice
  • Learners will learn that it is important all staff really appreciate that developing their knowledge, skills and understanding is an essential part of their learning journey

Advantages of this course:

This course looks at they 'Key Elements of Effective Practice' (KEEP), which was published by the DFES in 2005. This document, which looked at the impact of practitioners on effective practice in early years, found that through initial and on-going- training and development, practitioners need to develop, demonstrate and continuously improve their: 

  • relationships with both children and adults'
  • understanding of the individual and diverse ways that children develop and learn;
  • knowledge and understanding in order to actively support and extend children's learning in and across all areas and aspects of learning;
  • practice in meeting all children's needs, learning styles and interests;
  • work with parents, carers and the wider community;
  • work with other professionals within and beyond the setting

The course also looks at other studies into early years provision (EPPE, REPEY and SPEEL) which are also useful resources to help practitioners reflect on and develop their practice.

Additional activities encourage the learner to reflect on the learning. There is also suggested extra reading that gives both practical information and links to websites to expand knowledge.  


Our CPD short courses are written by occupationally competent professionals and each lesson combines filmed tutorials, reading activities, quizzes and good practice examples for an engaging learning experience.


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