Managing People

In this Level 4 lesson learners will explore leadership styles and gain an understanding of the benets and pitfalls of focussing on developing the team and getting the task done. They will explore the role of a manager and ways in which managing effectively involves helping team members to learn from their experiences. In particular this lesson will look at Kolb's learning styles and how this research and the further work of Honey and Mumford enables team members to develop their skills in the workplace. They will learn how to give and receive feedback assertively and how to develop one non assertive and aggressive behaviour. Finally they will look at the skills that are required to manage change effectively. This course is aimed at learners who are currently working in a managerial or supervisory role in a childcare setting.

Learning outcomes:

Learner will learn that managing people requires skill, patience and a level of sensitivity that enables them to pick up how people are feeling

Learner will learn about the role of the manager and their responsibilities

Learner will learn about Kolb’s Learning Circle

Learner will learn how coaching can provide people with more skills and knowledge that enables them to take on new roles

Advantages of this course:

This course offers information about the learning cycle and learning styles, coaching and feedback – invaluable resources to those managing people. It also introduces other parts of the role of a manager, including monitoring performance, appraising staff and keeping them motivated.

Additional activities encourage the learner to reflect on the learning. There is also suggested extra reading that gives both practical information and links to websites to expand knowledge


Our CPD short courses are written by occupationally competent professionals and each lesson combines filmed tutorials, reading activities, quizzes and good practice examples for an engaging learning experience.


Many of our courses are endorsed learning programmes (ELPs) by awarding body, CACHE


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