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If you’re nifty with numbers and are considering a career in accountancy, than an apprenticeship may be the best choice for you.

Employers depend on bookkeepers, accountants and finance managers to keep their companies in strong financial health and are looking for people with a methodical and rigorous approach to tasks and a key eye for detail.

Accountancy apprentices work in a wide variety of types and sizes of organisations, assisting in day-to-day financial activities such as data entry, month end management accounts and year-end financial statements. They also learn how to manage petty cash and basic bookkeeping.

The training also covers regulatory financial requirements such as the completion of VAT returns or assisting in the preparation of tax computations.

At higher levels, apprentices have responsibility for creating, and/or verifying and reviewing, accurate and timely financial information which adheres to standard accounting and tax practices.

Signing up for an accountancy apprenticeship instead of studying at university has a host of benefits and I thought I would share my top four:

  • With the rising costs of university tuition fees, it's no secret that by the time you graduate you will have accrued a substantial chunk of debt. Apprenticeships offer a debt-free, direct route into employment where you will earn while you learn. And don't forget there are addition benefits - the same as an employee - such as a holiday allowance.
  • Not only will you learn accountancy theory, you get the opportunity to put what you learn into practice. That means you'll gain real-life experience much sooner than your peers at university.
  • As you will spend much of your time in an office, working within a team of qualified accountants, colleagues will always be on hand if you have questions and you can tap into their experience to grow your own skills.
  • When you qualify you will have a well-rounded set of skills and experience that will make you a highly sought-after employee. And remember, that with an accountancy apprenticeship, you will qualify faster than if you'd chosen to study at university.

If an accountancy apprenticeship sounds like something you're interested in, then Riverside Training has accreditation from the Institute of Bookkeeping (ICB) to deliver a whole raft of accountancy and related qualifications.

Our expanded portfolio now includes:

Level 3 Assistant Accountant Apprenticeship

Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping

Level 3 Certificate in Bookkeeping & Accounting

Level 3 Diploma in Payroll Management

Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Bookkeeping & Accounting

Victor Gidney, who is highly experienced and well known for his in-depth knowledge of accountancy, delivers all our ICB qualifications.

You can find out more about Riverside Training's accountancy-related qualifications by calling us on 01775 710945 or visiting the website.