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In my experience, apprenticeships represent a win win situation, with both employers and apprentices gaining huge benefits.

Apprenticeships offer an alternative pathway to employment to traditional courses such as full-time vocational qualifications or A-levels and, in many sectors, to a full-time degree course.

They are designed and delivered by employers and educators collaboratively, which means apprentices learn the skills employers need while gaining a work-based qualification that can significantly improve their future earning power and career prospects.

With all the recent discussion focusing on the Apprenticeship Levy, it seems that the benefits of apprenticeships may have got a little lost along the way.

So I want to highlight some of the key plus points that make apprenticeships such a valuable arrangement.

Benefits for employers:

  1. Apprenticeship training helps employers improve their skills pool, filling any impending gaps and benefitting future planning. According to the Skills Funding Agency's latest figures almost nine out of 10 apprenticeship employers found apprentices delivered business benefits - including 75% reporting that it helped to improve the quality of their product or service.
  2. Employees who have been trained in-house tend to be highly motivated, flexible and loyal to the company. Again, Skills Funding Agency figures reveal that after finishing, seven in 10 apprentices stay with their employer. This reduces staff turnover and associated recruitment costs.
  3. Investing in staff trained through apprenticeships increases a company's bottom line, making it more competitive, and shows a positive approach to corporate social responsibility. National Apprenticeship Service data shows 81% of consumers prefer using a company that takes on apprentices.
  4. Apprenticeships are a great way of attracting enthusiastic talent and bringing a fresh approach to a company, which can have a beneficial knock-on effect on existing staff.

Benefits for apprentices:

  1. An apprenticeship is a great way to enter the workforce, offering the chance to develop vital skills which will help them throughout their career, as well as providing a paying job at a time when opportunities can be scarce.
  2. Apprentices are treated like regular company employees, getting a certain amount of paid holiday per year in addition to bank holidays - at least 20 days. 3. Apprenticeships offer the chance to learn at their own pace with the support of a mentor/skills assessor. While hands-on training gives a real chance to put skills into practice and helps apprentices gain more confidence in a working environment.
  3. Apprentices may be able to carry on working for the same company or look for a similar job with a different one. Having industry experience is an advantage over other applicants. According to the Skills Funding Agency the majority (92%) of apprentices felt that their apprenticeship had had a positive impact on their career.

We offer a wide range of Apprenticeships and Advanced Apprenticeships in Childcare, Supporting Teaching & Learning in Schools, Health & Social Care, Business Administration, Customer Service, and Management at both Level 2 and Level 3 standards, all delivered at our training centre or in the workplace.