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Next Sunday is Mothering Sunday - or Mother's Day - when mums up and down the country are, quite rightly, spoiled rotten.

This most special day for celebrating the life and unconditional love mothers give to their children is always the fourth Sunday of Lent in the UK.

Traditionally children give flowers, presents and cards to their mothers as a way to say thank you for all the wonderful - and routine - things their mums do for them.

In many families other maternal figures, such as grannies and mothers-in- law, are also the recipients.

As a mum myself, it's a day I always cherish...not least because it is the one day of the year I get breakfast in bed!

While millions of pounds are spent on presents and cards every Mother's Day, I can vouch for the fact that there's nothing that makes us mums happier than receiving a gift our child has made with their own hands and given with love.

And as flowers are the most popular Mothering Sunday gift, I wanted to share two fantastic floral craft ideas perfect to make with children in an Early Years setting.

Celery Flowers

  1. This cheap and cheerful craft idea may be simple, but it's great fun for little ones and the finished product is extremely effective.
  2. You'll need a whole head of celery, paper, knife and paint.
  3. Cut the celery almost to the bottom, ensuring all the stalks are the same length.
  4. Then the children can either paint the cut stalk ends or dip them into a bowl of paint before pressing them firmly onto the paper and carefully lifting it away.
  5. Obviously you can use any colours, but if you choose red paint it will look just like a rose - perfect for Mother's Day.
  6. Children can colour in grass, stems and leaves and the artwork can be a picture or used on the front of a card. Adding a sprinkle of glitter to the flower petals sets them off beautifully.

Coffee Filter Flowers

  1. Another inexpensive art project, the end result is colourful and creative.
  2. You will need round, white, coffee filters, washable markers, a spray bottle, plate or wax paper and pipe cleaners.
  3. Ask the children to flatten out the filter, place it on a plate or wax paper and draw lines, shapes and patterns on it with the markers. Then they can have fun spraying the centre of the filter paper with a little water - not too much or it can spoil the design and take an age to dry - and watch as the colours spread and mix.
  4. Leave the flowers to dry completely, which will take a couple of hours.
  5. You can use the flat flowers to decorate a picture or card - gluing a button or contrasting paper circle in the middle is pretty.
  6. Or you could let each child make several and turn them into a bunch of flowers by pushing a pipe cleaner through the centre of each.