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With Bonfire Night following hot on the heels of Halloween it may be your Early Years setting needs to come up with some last-minute November 5 craft ideas.

To lend a helping hand I've got a trio of projects that won't require you rushing out to buy resources.

In fact all three feature the humble loo roll cardboard tube as inspiration.

I hope you find something to spark your imagination.

Fireworks display

This craft really couldn't be easier and yet it makes a colourful and vibrant project for little ones.

Simply cover a loo roll tube with coloured paper and decorate with paint or glitter glue.

Then take eight different coloured pipe cleaners and bind them together to form a bunch.

Thread contrasting coloured beads onto the pipe cleaners, curling some of the ends around a pencil to create spiral shapes.

Stick the pipe cleaner bunch into the cardboard tube...et voila, a fabulous firework display!

Firework art

Who knew a cardboard tube could create such an eye-catching artwork?

Cut 5cm long slits all around the end of a loo roll tube and one along the full length so you can roll it tighter and then tape it together.

Then, splay out the cut end and dip it into paint - neon colours work really well if you use black paper - and print on to a sheet of paper.

It's a good idea to use a different tube for each paint colour.

Before the paint dries sprinkle on glitter for a sparkling effect.

This craft could be completed on individual sheets of paper for each child or as a class project for display.


These rockets will be a roaring success, and so simple to make.

Wrap coloured paper around the loo roll tube and decorate by sticking on paper shapes, painting patterns or using glitter glue.

Cut a circle out of another piece of contrasting coloured paper, with a slit from the edge to the centre, to make a cone for the top of the rocket.

Glue orange, yellow and red tissue paper strips to the base of the rocket to form 'flames'.


Here's five fun Bonfire Night facts that you might not know...

  1. Guy Fawkes wasn’t actually the ringleader of the plot to blow up the House of Lords – he was one of a group of 13 men led by Robert Catesby.
  2. Even today the Yeoman of the Guard still check the cellars underneath the Houses of Parliament every year before the state opening of parliament.
  3. November 5 was initially known as Gunpowder Treason Day and bonfires were lit as a celebration that the King hadn’t been killed.
  4. Fawkes attended St Peter’s School in York...where a guy has never been burnt on the bonfire out of respect for their former pupil.
  5. Some believe fireworks have their roots in a much older, possibly pagan, festival marking the end of the harvest and start of winter.